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DevOps is a set of practices and technologies for the innovative company. Adopting DevOps means creating a partnership between IT departments and business units.

Digital = DevOps + Cloud + Agility+ UX

DevOps is a key component of a company’s digital transformation. To design these new digital services, a DevOps approach requires adopting the Cloud, using agile practices, and training employees on the User Experience (UX). These subjects alter employees’ roles and responsibilities. Developing a successful DevOps approach requires strengthening collaborations between business units and the IT department, and supporting an inherent change in culture.

What I can do for you

“Where do we begin?” That’s often the first question I’m asked. If you need to define a pathway, I recommend a one-week program. This is ideal to mobilize your staff and build a business case for management. “What solution should I choose?” It can be difficult to make sense of the vibrant technological landscape. Let’s set up a POC, determine which platform you need, and help your employees get up to speed. “How can I manage my DevOps Program and improve my ROI?” Contact me and I’ll explain everything over a cup of coffee.

To learn more

To better understand what a DevOps approach entails, I recommend reading Découvrir DevOps by Stéphane Goudeau and Samuel Metias. Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and David Farley will provide an overview of pipelines and operational practices. I also recommend The DevOps Toolkit by Viktor Farcic. Lastly, to learn the soft skills needed for this change, read Leading Change by John P. Kotter.

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Technologies & practices for the innovative company.


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