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Iarantsoa Rafitosoa

Data Management Expert _

IS Architecture and Data

IS architecture must allow the company to respond in an agile way to new uses and their evolutions. Iarantsoa designed and deployed several SOA and REST/API architectures, as well as data-centric architectures for companies such as Crédit Agricole, AMF, Auchan, Carrefour, and Lamie. He also helps companies exploit their information system data.

SOA and API architect

Crédit Agricole Technologies et Services (CATS) adopted a REST API approach to digitalize its retail banking.

Iarantsoa helped Crédit Agricole build the foundations of the API Center for the company’s digitalization program.

For its employee portal platform, CATS adopted an SOA architecture. For five years, Iarantsoa served as the leading architect of the platform for version 2 of Crédit Agricole’s NICE program, and guided different projects that were implemented on this platform.

Overview of NoSQL databases

Iarantsoa led several two-day training sessions providing an overview of NoSQL databases, including practical cases using Cassandra and MongoDB.

TIBCO expertise

Iarantsoa has spent the past 10 years helping TIBCO expand in the French market. He did platform and project work for Merial in 2003, for Altis Semiconductor in 2004, for Auchan and SystemU in 2008, for Chronopost and Transactis in 2009, for Carrefour in 2013, for La Redoute in 2014, and so on.

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