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Théo Hetmaniuk-Perrier

Extended Reality Expert _


Théo has a Master’s in Engineering from EFREI, with a concentration in Imaging and Virtual Reality. Since joining Astrakhan, he has developed his skills in IS Architecture, management, Agility, and innovation. As part of Astrakhan’s R&D department, he initiated our Digital Workplace service, developing developed an interest in new interfaces and how to use them in the workplace. This led to the development of our Extended Reality service.

Technological interests

Théo keeps close tabs on developments in the fields of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. He is also interested in recent technologies such as the Cloud, Containerization, and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, he is concerned about the impacts of technology on society and the business world.

Career path

Théo has worked on development and project management assistance assignments. He is also a Product Owner in Astrakhan’s R&D department, as part of our development of a project management application in extended realities. He also initiated the work around our Digital Workplace service.

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Extended Reality

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