Digitalization and diffusion of the Data culture

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Astrakhan was asked by one of our clients to take care of the digitalization of the laboratories and the diffusion of the Data culture within the company in question. This mission concerns 3,000 users worldwide, 30 disciplines combined, 8 R&I centers and involves 2 major objectives:

  • To Redesign applications at R&I, for a progressive deployment in France and abroad,
  • To take advantage of the obsolescence of applications and the evolution of repositories, and use this lever to start to change the mindset in favor of a data-driven culture


  • Awareness: Mobilization of the Management to the challenges of Change
  • Communication: Construction of a graphic identity and a Communication strategy
  • Training: Design of gamified training courses
  • Coaching: Identification and preparation (tools and soft skills) of local change relays
  • Support: Training of Support Teams


  • Positioning of a strong discourse on the creation of a Data culture in the context of the digitalization of Labs,
  • The management is aware of the challenges,
  • Graphic identity, specific to Change, created and applied to all media,
  • Defined communication strategy,
  • Gamified training courses built and tested with pilot groups,
  • Preparation kit for the local change relays created,
  • Coordination of the deployment and training program.


We used Lean Change Management, which is based on Agile principles to promote progressive and flexible Change, based on close collaboration between business and IT, experimentation, visual management and user feedback collection. This model made it possible to address the recurring obstacles of transformation projects.


Training catalog Digital Leadership

Training catalog Digital Leadership
Training catalog Digital Leadership
Training catalog Digital Leadership

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