Management of the Application Portfolio

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As part of an assignment for one of our clients, Astrakhan was asked to implement an application portfolio management initiative to address the flaws in the current model. This new practice has an impact on all users of the application portfolio in 14 countries as we were in charge of the APAC area. 

Major objectives behind this reframing: 

  • Harmonize the knowledge around APM 
  • Improve the data model of APM 
  • Challenge the actual data model
  • Leverage new APM module capabilities from Service Now to enable state of the art APM practice 
  • Build a clear governance of APM
  • Get a clean database of applications


1. Data Engineering

  • Exhaustive data collection on APAC area to:

– Categorize applications

– Obtain a clean database

– Provide a unique and reliable referential

  • It is now possible to know where an application comes from (group, zone, or local), who uses this application, who is responsible for it, what type of server does it require, what business domain does it correspond to… A lot of information that provides a global view of the application portfolio.

2. Training

  • The methodology includes nominating some APM representatives per country and domain to build some knowledge referees in the zone.
  • Creation of a training program for APM representatives.
  • We organized more than 20 sessions of training to share knowledge and build project governance

3. Communication

  • Build clear communication to inform all IT users in the zone of the new APM practices and processes.
  • Collaborate with the Integration team to provide the big picture to all APAC users.


We organized our work around five iterative steps:

  • Organize the data and create the target model 
  • Animate the collaboration between the stakeholders 
  • Produce views to facilitate understanding of the application portfolio 
  • Communicate widely around the APM 
  • Publish the content of the APM in the company’s tool (ServiceNOW) and applications.


The use of Ardoq, an agile tool in Enterprise Architecture, allowed the Astrakhan team to iteratively carry out this new initiative while controlling the process and keeping the overall vision of the application portfolio under construction.


Training catalog Digital Leadership

Training catalog Digital Leadership
Training catalog Digital Leadership
Training catalog Digital Leadership

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