API and Integration

Opening up and building digital ecosystems  _


The opening up of information systems and their integration into a wider ecosystem is driving innovation and activating new business models. 

Astrakhan, an independent player in the consulting world, pursues a policy of multiple partnerships and has expertise in the main API platforms on the market. 

Our expertise

API Management



The foundations are the common basis for all developments. The API Management platform provides some of the functionalities of the foundation, but it regularly needs to be customized and extended: architecture, functional monitoring, monetization, service levels, catalog synchronization, migration routines… All the processes required to animate and govern an API platform and the associated documents constitute a repository that Astrakhan can build for you. Astrakhan also helps you to build your API Competence Centers, as we did for the Crédit Agricole. 


API Governance 

The challenge of governance is to know how to make its APIs evolve without breaking the interface contracts already signed with existing consumers. Without this, the risk is to see APIs and their contracts grow without coherence, creating a huge technical debt. Astrakhan has many references on API governance and many guidelines and practices to share in order to build a controlled and scalable APIzation policy. 


Build & Run API 


Our teams now have the capacity to support you on the realization of your foundations and API and integration projects, on a fixed-price basis. Every year, we carry out fixed-price projects to help companies build their APIzation policy through the construction of on-premises or Cloud foundations, then the realization of APIs, flows and associated adapters, via projects carried out in compliance with agile methods. 


Audit of middleware assets and integration strategy 

Over the years, integration technologies are piling up in information systems, in a way that is not always balanced or urbanized: file transfer (MFT), ETL, ELT, EAI, ESB, event-driven streaming, base replication… The technologies are numerous and the skills to carry on these technologies are sometimes difficult to maintain. 


Astrakhan has since its beginnings a complete knowledge of the integration and middleware landscape, with 3 books on the subject, including an award-winning one. Astrakhan’s teams know how to analyze your middleware assets and determine the areas for improvement, evolution and rationalization, in order to better define your new integration strategy and help you choose the platforms best suited to your needs. 


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