Architecture, Cloud & DevOps

Relying on scalable digital foundations  _


Our know-how in architecture has evolved and leads us today to design and build: 

– New digital platforms that bring customer experience to the fore and put data at the heart,  

– Cloud migrations, Cloud-Native applications and S4 Hana migration,  

– DevOps pipelines 

Enterprise Architecture is also evolving, and new generations of EA solutions are emerging to support these transformations. 

Our expertise


Define an Enterprise Architecture framework and support its implementation


The proposed support allows the three main components of this framework to be customized: model, collaboration, governance. Particular attention will be paid to the speed of implementation of the tools, their capacity to produce easily exploitable deliverables and facilitate decision-making, as well as the facilitation of collaboration and sharing of deliverables by all stakeholders. Astrakhan is a partner of Ardoq and BizzDesign, both of which are renewing the value proposition of Enterprise Architecture tools.  



Interactions between Metamodel, Building Blocks, Diagrams, and Stakeholders

(in The TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 )


Artifacts Associated with the Core Content Metamodel and Extensions

(in The TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 )


Facilitate an agile enterprise architecture process


The implementation of an Enterprise Architecture framework must be accompanied by agile governance that transforms IT architecture and management practices and encourages the adoption of new forms of collaboration within IT teams and between them and business relations teams. We especially rely on the SAFe framework. 




Architecture of digital platforms


Architecture remains the foundation of digital transformations and is at the heart of the creation of large-scale digital platforms. Only an agile and flexible IS (integration capacity, data accessibility, openness, etc.) can support the construction of digital platforms that aim to improve the customer experience and put data at the heart of the system. 






DevOps transformation plan and change management

The introduction of a DevOps practice in companies sometimes resembles a cultural revolution. It is an experience whose progressiveness must be mastered. Setting up Feature Teams, using gamification, standardizing tools between Dev and Ops (GitDocker, Travis…) – the means are numerous and there is no single path. Defining the transformation plan, iteratively monitoring the process, adapting to feedback from the field, are part of a know-how in which Astrakhan combines its agility skills and DevOps expertise.  


Software Delivery Pipeline


The definition and construction of a DevOps delivery pipeline is regularly one of the topics arising from the definition of a DevOps transformation plan. This technical chain ensures that developments are put into continuous production. In a Digital and Agile environment, it works as it goes along to automate deployment sequences (automatic provisioning, Test-Driven Development / Behavior Driven Development, automated tests and security, blue/green pattern, monitoring…). We accompany you on the definition, construction and evolution of this essential asset of the digital world. 


Project management and DevOps implementation


Beyond the work of change management and software architecture, Astrakhan helps you in the management and coordination of your DevOps initiatives, as well as in their implementation. Our consultants will assist you in the coaching of your teams, their training in DevOps principles and technologies, as well as in the technological animation of the software delivery pipeline. 



Predicting and understanding the Cloud


The three main types of cloud (SaaSPaaSIaaS) have their own specificities. Defining your roadmap requires understanding the interest and limitations of each. Thanks to its experience at GRT Gaz and Accor, Astrakhan helps companies define their cloud strategy, set up SaaS integration processes and evangelize IaaS/PaaS. 


Using the Cloud: Native Cloud Application Architecture


Astrakhan can assist you in migrating your applications (rehost, refactor, rearchitect) and architecting new applications following best practices (DevOps, serverless, infrastructure-as-code…). 


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