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The latest developments in data processing make it possible to create new added value. This is thanks to a more agile information system, where quick and easy access to data is indispensable. To successfully exploit this data, you need to change the relevance of data in the information system through the use of new tools and data management. 

Our expertise

Data architecture

To rapidly digitalize processes, you need a more agile IS architecture. We help IT departments design a data-centric architecture: strategy and pattern for database access, data modeling according to several visions (business, functional, technical), and data exchange architecture.


We use our Datalab to process your company’s data. Our team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers helps business units scour their data using an agile method that can quickly adapt the results to your needs.

Data governance

When data becomes an asset that brings value to the company, it is important to assign responsibility and offer visibility on the state of the data. We help Data departments (and Chief Data Officers) define data governance, create and modernize a data dictionary, and select a governance tool.

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taking ownership of the uses of data
taking ownership of the uses of data
Data Management
4 minutes
Data Catalog,
taking ownership of the uses of data _
of the data-driven company
of the data-driven company
Data Management
7 minutes
Data Catalog, the essential repository
of the data-driven company _
Experience Feedback
Experience Feedback
Data Management, Experience Feedback
2 minutes
Digitalization and diffusion of the Data culture
Experience Feedback _