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The new generation of data platforms is being deployed. After the Big Data moment comes the time to better organize data assets, make better use of them, and increase data quality in a more industrial context, with better access to tools for professional users. Astrakhan is Tibco partner on all these subjects. 

Our expertise

Business Data

Data Catalog & Data Governance

The challenge of Data-as-a-Service for professionals involves the implementation of a metadata directory that describes the information, lists it and locates it. Company mergers and information system mergers are one of the levers. We help our clients define use cases, prototype these solutions and choose the products best suited to their needs. 


Master Data Management

The size of the reference data remains unavoidable, and the quality of the data depends on a clear structure of the reference data and their good use to feed the whole information system. This field, which has existed for some fifteen years, remains at the center of reflection and work, and demonstrates its importance in a cross-functional information system strategy. 


Data Insights

Business Analytics

Data Analysis and Data Science remain key areas of Data and are being modernized. In particular, Data Science-in-a-box platforms such as Tibco Data Science, Dataiku and Alteryx help accelerate complex analysis. Knowledge of Python and R remains central. Astrakhan has developed a methodology for data analysis that is applicable in all contexts. 




Data Visualization

DataViz remains a field in itself, covering more advanced methodological and didactic aspects than ever before. Storytelling has become a distinct subject and it is important to know how to build your discourse around representations, by communicating hypotheses. Astrakhan works mainly with Tableau Software and Tibco Spotfire.





Data Engineering

The industrialization of data engineering around categories of solutions such as Spark or Scala 

NB: Machine Learning and Deep Learning are topics that are covered by our Digital Future program.


Data Architecture

Storage and flow 

The data value chain remains simple, but the tools that make it up have multiplied and have become more complex. In spite of the emergence of de facto standards, it is important to maintain a thorough knowledge of the tools, platforms and their positioning, in order to build efficient data acquisition and exploitation chains that are likely to cover all use cases. Astrakhan has always counted experienced architects in its ranks and continues to strengthen its historical know-how on data architecture. 


Data Virtualization

Data virtualization creates secure and up-to-date business views without creating new databases, and exposes its views in the form of APIs, reinforcing the information system’s APIzation strategy. These platforms are consolidated and enriched to provide turnkey development workshops, serving access performance, data governance and data quality. 

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