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DevOps :

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DevOps combines cultural and technological features, from software development to production, in order to harness all of possible value as quickly as possible. This practice can be viewed as the most developed branch of agility in technical terms. 

Our expertise

The DevOps transformation plan and change management

Deploying a DevOps practice in your company may seem like a cultural revolution, though it’s impossible to wipe the slate clean. It’s a journey, an experience that needs to happen gradually. You could create Feature Teams, use gamification, or standardize tools that are somewhere between Dev and Ops (Git, Docker, Travis, etc.). There are many methods, and no single path to follow. Astrakhan’s expertise in both agility and DevOps will help you define your transformation plan, monitor its progress step-by-step, and adapt to feedback.

The software delivery pipeline

The definition and construction of a DevOps delivery pipeline is one of the topics that regularly comes up during the development of a DevOps transformation plan. This technical chain will ensure that developments are continuously put into production. In a digital and agile environment, deployment sequences are automated in real time (automatic supply, Test-Driven Development / Behavior-Driven Development, automated tests and security, blue/green deployment, monitoring, etc.). We will guide you through the definition, construction, and evolution of this key asset of the digital world.

DevOps project management and execution

In addition to our change management and software architecture work, Astrakhan will also help you manage and coordinate your DevOps initiatives, as well as their execution. Our consultants will help coach your employees, train them on DevOps technology principles, and coordinate the software delivery pipeline in technological terms.