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Our Digital Future team co-builds with you the use cases of an innovative and audacious digital strategy. We identify the technologies to realize these use cases and host the prototypes on our platform. Halfway between innovation management, new technologies and change management, Digital Future is a unique value proposition that combines agile and silo-free expertise.

Our expertise

Digital Future, a unique value proposition by Astrakhan

Digital Future is a team specialized in digital transformation, innovation management and new digital technologies such as: 

•  The Extended Reality (XR), 

•  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), 

•  The Internet of Things (IoT) / connected objects, 

•  The Blockchain, 

•  Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 


If you are one of the companies that have not yet studied what use cases to cover with these technologies and what opportunities they offer you, then Digital Future is for you. 


Our team has developed a work process applying innovation management frameworks and practices (Design Thinking, Impact Mapping, Lean Start-Up…) to: 

• Quickly identify innovative use cases through controlled “gamification” techniques.  

• Define the solutions or the assembly of solutions best able to cover these use cases, by analyzing and comparing the technologies on the market, then identifying the best ones to cover your need, 

• Prove the concept and then prototype, using in particular the technological platform proposed by the Astrakhan Lab, 

• If necessary, and if the prototype is intended to be sustainable, industrialize and integrate the whole with the rest of the information system or the digital platform, then train the teams. 



Not only does Digital Future accompany you in the design and realization of these prototypes and innovative products, but our team is also involved in change management, communication and training related to these innovative products. 



This method makes it possible to build a portfolio of innovative projects while building convictions, an identity and adapted governance. 


The sum of the skills required to carry out these missions from end to end is unique. Astrakhan, an independent consulting firm, knows how to build the right systems through the strength of its organization, where the best skills work collectively, without silos, for the benefit of our clients. This ability to work together has been one of the pillars of the firm since its creation. Through this approach, Digital Future is a gateway to coordinated, democratized digital innovation based on the ideas of all your teams. 

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