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Digital Integration

A key link in the digital transformation _


The API economy, the migration of services from/to the Cloud, the creation of new types of marketplaces, as well as Open Data and Big Data all call for new approaches to integration in both technical and organizational terms. The digital transformation can only be successful through the integration of data and processes, all in complete security. 

Our expertise

Integration strategy

An exponential increase in the volume of information to process, the emergence of IoT, the drive towards even more real-time and connected immediacy, the tendency of companies to migrate more and more of their IT system to the cloud: these all require creating a new integration strategy that takes into account new technical requirements, new types of data, and new security issues to build an efficient IS and combine the best of both the Core and Fast IT worlds.

Hybrid integration

Hybridization is the foundation of the future IT landscape. Implementing integration models in a hybrid environment requires a new Bimodal IT approach and raises a number of questions. It requires defining of a set of principles, technological choices, and software programs that complement traditional integration products.

API Management

APIs are now the cornerstone of the digital transformation, and are currently one of the primary means of modernizing company information systems. The Cloud, IoT, and Mobility are the main drivers of this development. In this context, there are many challenges relating to architecture, governance, and the choice of solutions.


IS Strategy & Architecture

Transverse Information Systems

Transverse Information Systems
Transverse Information Systems
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