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One of the major challenges of the digital transformation remains the development and spread of a digital culture shared by the entire company, from the Executive Commitee to operational staff.

Through its Digital Leadership training program, Astrakhan accompanies you in the development of your digital culture with tailor-made training and workshops, both face-to-face and remote, in short formats involving collaboration and extended reality. 

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Digital Leadership Program

Learning and developing skills is now a constant, continuous activity, integrated into work processes. Astrakhan’s training offer, Digital Leadership, integrates these new requirements by diversifying the formats, providing up-to-date content, covering the whole range of digital subjects, from soft skills to technical expertise. 


Digital is knowledge to be shared 


Our organizations are living in complex times, full of new economic, technological and human challenges, which require them to continuously disseminate a digital culture shared by all, in a homogeneous way, throughout the company. 




To help you meet these challenges, we have designed modular training offers, based on practical approaches, either face-to-face or via distance learning: virtual classes, workshops, micro-learning, video capsules, use of extended reality with our product Uproom etc. 



All our training expertise since the creation of the firm is recognized by major companies. We are also creators of agile management modules: our “gamified” content is played worldwide by the Management 3.0 facilitator community. 



This know-how is now brought together in the Digital Leadership and Get Inspired catalogs. It enables us to build training courses by assembling existing content, creating new “gamification” techniques, and adapting our content to your context and challenges. 


Astrakhan is a Datadock certified training organization. We organize on demand intra-company and inter-company sessions. 


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