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The digitalization of employee development aims to adapt the workspace to workers’ needs, facilitate remote collaboration, and introduce artificial intelligence or virtual, enhanced, or mixed reality into working methods. The goal is to help organizations put the focus back on their number one asset: people. 

Our expertise

Digitalization of employee development and a road map for Digital Workplaces

Employee process modeling reveals the imperfections of existing processes and provides a framework for moving towards digitalization. Once improvements to employee development have been identified, it then becomes possible to move towards a target that will facilitate this development. You can also then identify Digital Workplace tools that will help you reach your target: collaborative platforms, chat bots, predictive search engines. Our work also includes contributions from artificial intelligence and Big Data for HR staff.

Recommendations for establishing collaborative platforms

Collaborative platforms are the next generation of company portals and social networks. They now embed communication tools into an extended environment designed to provide employees with an updated central access point. This booming field has given rise to new software publishers with real and distinct value propositions. We can help you choose between them and deploy them in your organization.

Digital Workplaces and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made a strong impact in the business world, including HR. The emergence of new solutions like chatbots and cognitive research, the impact of Big Data and Machine Learning, the integration of AI into existing HRMSs requires studies and benchmarks to prepare for their adoption. What opportunities should you seize? What solutions should you choose? How quickly should you adopt them, and what will the impact be? Astrakhan’s AI working group can conduct studies based on your existing systems and their evolution to give you the information you need about the impacts you need to prepare for.