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The company’s IS must frequently adapt in response to changes within the company and to take advantage of technological innovations. Supporting and guiding these transformations requires a set of practices and tools to manage and monitor the IS, according to the company’s needs and agility. 

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Enterprise Architecture
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Defining an enterprise architecture framework

We help IT departments and business relations departments define an enterprise architecture framework that is adapted to their challenges and priorities. We help you personalize the three main components of this framework: the model, collaboration, governance. To ensure than an enterprise architecture framework is efficient and shared, it must be robust in terms of both modeling and collaboration. Particular attention must be paid to the speed at which tools are implemented, their ability to facilitate decision-making and produce deliverables that can be easily exploited, and the facilitation of collaboration and sharing of deliverables among all stakeholders: IT departments, business relations departments, the IT projects and studies department, and the IT production department.

Facilitating an agile enterprise architecture approach

The establishment of an enterprise architecture framework must go hand-in-hand with agile governance to transform IS architecture and management practices and promote new forms of collaboration among IT staff and between IT departments and business relation departments. Thanks to our expertise in agility and innovation, we can help you make these changes using new forms of collaborative learning guided by agility principles.

Supporting the implementation of an enterprise architecture framework

Implementing an enterprise architecture framework is a major challenge that affects the company’s IS strategy. It must be conducted in an iterative, collaborative, and agile manner to minimize risks and maximize benefits. Thanks to Astrakhan’s multidisciplinary culture that is split into three clusters (agility and innovation, integration and data architecture, and digitalization), we can help our clients implement an enterprise architecture framework. We focus both on content (business capability and service maps, application, data and technology maps, IT road map and portfolio, impact analysis, dashboards) and tools (personalization of the metamodel, configuration of tools, as well as integration into other IT design environments and into sharing and publication tools).

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dedicated to digital transformation
dedicated to digital transformation
Enterprise Architecture
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Ardoq, an Enterprise Architecture tool
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Enterprise Architecture
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Architecture d'entreprise agile
Enterprise Architecture
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