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Extended reality

New ways of learning and collaborating _


Extended reality (XR) offers an incredible opportunity to work differently. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality improve the employee experience through new ways of learning and collaborating. This booming market now reaches beyond entertainment and is spreading to the business world. 

Our expertise

Extended reality consulting

There are many opportunities in the emerging field of XR, but it’s still a blank slate. Our approach uses Design Thinking to identify or invent new uses of XR for your business. By taking part in several innovation workshops and a two-week Design Sprint, you’ll quickly determine what is possible for you and leave with an initial prototype that will convince you the opportunity is real.

Creation of XR prototypes

Alongside the Design Sprints, we also give you access to our studio so you can design and produce extended reality prototypes and solutions. In addition to our XR development skills, Astrakhan also has expertise in Design, UX, and 3D environments to address various use cases. We organize prototype construction in agile mode, with two-week iterations at the end of which you’ll be able to produce new functions and gradually transform a prototype into a finished product according to your needs.

Virtual Obeya

Obeya is a structured Visual Management approach based on the Deming Cycle of continuous improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act). Virtual Obeya opens Design Thinking and project management to extended reality: Lean Canvas, product vision and road map, Scrum and Kanban boards, RACI matrix, photo gallery, speedboat, etc. With Virtual Obeya, you break the barrier of distance and transform innovation and retrospective workshops into a veritable immersive and collaborative experience that is liberated from the constraints of paper and videoconferences.