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Innovation Management

Understanding and guiding changes in the workplace _


Management is a new technology. Never before have new practices emerged so quickly: Host Leadership, Tribal Leadership, Management 3.0, and so on. We can understand and guide these shifts to change the way we work and align the company with the expectations of those who build it each and every day. 

Our expertise

Insight – Think, Express & Trust

Insight is our agile management school. Insight is for all those who want to discover and apply new management methods. It is a customized training program, both in terms of content (you choose your modules according to your interests) and duration. Insight also includes mentoring and coaching, as well as concrete exercises to apply the subjects addressed, such as the creation of an innovation management system.

Agile Managerial Transformation

We help human resources departments and senior management undertake their agile transformation. Through working groups, analysis of employee satisfaction surveys, and the creation of agile action plans, we provide companies with new managerial standards and new methods of learning and collaborating using serious games.

Astrakhan is a member of Management 3.0, and created the Better Meetings and Feedback Wraps modules that are available to the global community of facilitators.

Innovation Management

Increased access to innovation is essential to employee engagement and company performance. Astrakhan helps our clients create a set of processes, methods, and practices to foster participatory innovation on a daily basis: Minimal Viable Innovation System (MVIS), Design Thinking, innovation games, benchmarking, exploratory techniques, etc.

Visual Management

Visual Management provides a simple, quick, and collective display of information, from product characteristics to the management of agile projects in Obeya mode. Astrakhan designs and produces visual charts that can you can reuse, in either AO laminated format or virtual reality.