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IS Strategy & Architecture

Defining an IS strategy that can support the transformations _


The front office is where most of the digital transformation occurs, but only an effective Digital/IT pairing can guarantee a successful digital transformation. 

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IS road map

In response to new business models resulting from technological breakthroughs and the disruption created by new digital solutions, companies must create a road map for their information systems. This will allow them to effectively support their digital transformation and take advantage of their data to become more data-driven.

Organization of the IT department

As the leader of the digital transformation, the IT department is increasingly becoming a true partner to business units. It is a veritable driving force that must reconcile the legacy IS with new digital solutions and innovations to bring the company’s strategic plan to life. It is therefore critical to define the IT department’s new role, value-added service offering, agile approach, and communication plan. It must also implement its own digitalization process to embody the new IT brand.

Information systems architecture

The information system’s architecture remains the foundation of digital transformations. Only an agile and flexible IS (integration capacity, accessibility of data, openness, etc.) can handle the different transformation measures that aim to improve the customer experience, implement an omni-channel approach and mobility, etc.


IS Strategy & Architecture

Transverse Information Systems

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Transverse Information Systems
Transverse Information Systems
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