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Notre culture.


Astrakhan welcomes all forms of diversity. We encourage all our employees to express their ideas and convictions, regardless of their origin or educational background. We believe that communication and debate create value.


Compassion is the cornerstone of trust-based management. We believe that our employees are committed to giving the best of themselves. In return, we expect them to produce work of the utmost quality and transparency.


In a digitalized services sector, we have become creative professionals. We must accept and liberate this creativity, since it is a source of motivation and commitment. It is through invention and the daily search for solutions that our work changes and changes us, by giving us opportunities to reveal our true selves, flourish, and surpass ourselves.

In 2016, we topped the first Great Place to Work rankings for companies with fewer than 50 employees. We love our work, are renown for our highly lauded management vision, and are convinced that our methods will ensure a successful transformation for our clients.

Great place to work

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