Different formats

In addition to regular training, our workshops can be integrated into a digital transformation roadmap. They will acculturate your teams to the issues and practices of digital transformation, helping them understand how continuous improvement strategies affect basic business metrics and contribute to your organization’s success when sustained over a long period of time.

We offer: 

  • 3 formats: full day (FD), half-day (HD), 2 hours or less (2HRS).
  • Sending of material (videos, articles, etc.) before the workshops to prepare participants.
  • Post-workshop quizzes and questionnaires to assess knowledge, attitudes, and feedback.
  • The workshop configuration can be face-to-face or remote.
  • The workflow is Engineering/Preparation/Facilitation /Feedback.
  • Quarterly retrospectives to assess the status of the digital transformation and update the planning.

We offer workshops for 4 areas of expertise:

All our workshops are accessible to people with disabilities.